Training Practice

We have been training Medical students and Junior Doctors for over 30 years.

All our GPs are involved in training, with three who are trained specifically to train GPs in training.

The GPs in training have been doctors for 2- 5 years already and have a lot of experience from rotations through hospitals and other General Practices. They are attached to the North Worcestershire Training programme. 

When they start they have an induction programme and are fully supervised until they are confident and we feel they are safe consulting alone. There is always a senior GP for them to discuss cases with.

Foundation Year Doctors

We also train Foundation year Doctors who may be considering General Practice as a career or are gaining insightful useful experience in general practice. These similarly have an induction programme and more support to allow them to safely consult. They are attached to The Worcestershire and Redditch Foundation year Rotations

Medical Students

Lastly we train 5th or final year Medical students. They come from Keele University. They have an attachment in General Practice to learn about consulting skills and treating patients and how the multi-disciplinary teams involved in a General Practice work together. Again they have an induction programme and are fully supervised.

All these training posts contribute to the practice with audit projects and help keep on going learning and education ethos for all of the practice.

Our doctors and students follow a rigid training schedule and are continually monitored and assessed by their University and the Deanery to which they belong.

From time to time you may be offered an appointment with one of our training doctors and/or students of which you will have the option to accept or decline.

If you wish to know more please ask at reception or when booking your appointment.

Click here to visit the website for the North Worcestershire Vocational Training Scheme for Doctors.